Two Tone Spin Opal Ring

By Spirit Pieces Jewelry


This beautiful Oxidized sterling silver ring has been infused with cremation ash with crushed opal and three 14 karat rose gold plated bands. The thin bands spin around the ring. The band graduates from 11mm across the top down to 6.5mm.  The crushed opal will reflect different colors based on orientation of light.  A beautiful way to remember the one you loved and keep them close to the heart. *Item not eligible for engraving*


  • Cabochon is made with crystal resin, crushed opal and cremains.
    Measures approximately 11mm in diameter.
  • Uses 1/8th a teaspoon of cremains from pets or people.
  • Collection kit is provided as part of order
  • Ships within 3-5 weeks of return of kit.
  • Ring imported from Israel
  • Synthetic Opal colors include Blue, Purple, Green, Red,  Yellow, Pink, White, Gray, Orange, Black and Rainbow (all)
opal sample colors


We recommend removing your jewelry before doing dishes, showering or swimming. Avoid wearing jewelry in chlorinated water, salt water, or around harsh chemicals as it can discolor and damage jewelry as well as loosen stones and discolor resins.

Put jewelry on after using cosmetics, hair spray or perfumes to avoid contact with substances and chemicals that may cause damage to resins.


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