Tan and Purple Cat Eye Glass Paperweight with Cremation Ash

This beautiful multi-colored glass orb with infused cremation ash is a lovely way to celebrate the life of someone close to you.  A thick band of multi-colored glass spins up from the bottom to the top of this orb with ash swirled on the outside of the color swirl.    Has a flat spot on the bottom so it won't roll. 

We use about 1/2 a teaspoon of cremains per orb which are 3" in diameter and weight 1.5lb.  Upon ordering we send you a free collection kit for the ashes. The orbs are produced in 3-6 weeks after kit is received.  Email us at hello@spiritpieces.com with any questions

Tyler will be going on a sabbatical  July 20th - August 31st.  Any kits not returned by July 15th may not be processed until his return. Any kits sent in after will be held in a secure location until his return.

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