Soul Window

By Tyler

This beautiful paperweight with cremation ash has strands of dichroic glass intertwined with cremains from people and pets. This mostly clear memorial paperweight shimmers in the sun.  Approximately 5" wide by 3" tall by 2" thick, it looks beautiful on any desk, as a centerpiece, or as memorial garden art.  

Made by Tyler, it uses half a teaspoon of cremains and ships within 6 weeks of the collection kit's return.  Dichroic glass color is impacted by direction of incoming light and may present as different colors, see color mapping below.

If not placed in sunlight the Dichroic glass will be much faded.

Primary Color Dichroic Glass Highlights
Red Red & Purple
Green Green & Magenta
Blue Blue & Gold
Gold Cyan & Copper


A short 8-10 character inscription can be added for an additional $10.

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