Glass Necklace Cremation Jewelry Pendant with Infused Ash - Spiral Design

This lovely spiral glass cremation pendant for a necklace incorporates a small amount of ash into the borosilicate glass matrix.  The flat disk is 1.00 inch in diameter (+/- .25")  and .25 inches high.  A small message (no more than 30 characters) can be inscribed on the back of the pendant.  

If ordered, we send you a collection kit for the cremains; once completed and sent back your pendant will be ready in 2-4 weeks.  Water safe, heat safe.  This makes for a lovely bereavement gift and sympathy gift for those who lost a loved one.  Great for families looking to create keepsakes for everyone who know the loved one.  Does not come with a chain.

When ordering, please select your preferred color choice.  If you would like a color not shown below, please reach out to us for a consultation.


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