Northern Lights Galaxy Paperweight

By Ted

A beautifully handmade glass orb with cremation ash from your loved ones swirled within.  Suitable for remembering the memories of both people and pets, this orb is handmade by Ted from 2000 degree molten glass.  Shaped using time-honored glass making techniques, a swirl of cremains is placed within a Green, Aqua, Purple and Gold Glass orb with blue metallic fuming.   A clear viewport is polished onto the surface to best see the galactic swirl of cremains.

This orb is 3.5" in diameter (approximate) and weights around 1lbs and will ship within 4 weeks of the free collection kit's return. This uses up half a tablespoon of cremains.

A short 8 character inscription can be added to the bottom of the Orb at no charge, mention when adding to cart in order notes.



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