Nightswirl Paperweight with Infused Cremation Ash

By Filip

In response to many requests, we're excited to now offer a paperweight version of the nightswirl pendant.  Available in a 2" or 3" diameter, this amazing paperweight, infused with cremains, is a wonderful remembrance for anyone who loved space.   Sits about 1" to 1.5" high with the domed clear top, giving a wonderful view of the texture of the handmade space scenic.  This is shown WITHOUT yellow highlights. 

This paperweight is made by Filip and uses about 1/4 a teaspoon of cremains.  Ships within 4 weeks of the free collection kit's return. 

Please note that if your cremains are powdery and/or darker in color your paperweight will take on a darker more nebulous look.

Nightswirl Paperweight with Infused Cremains from Spirit Pieces on Vimeo.


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