Memorial Glass Cat with Infused Cremation Ash

This beautiful sleeping glass cat paperweight with infused cremation ash is a wonderful way to remember your loved cat.  At 3" in diameter and half a pound, it's the perfect size to sit on your desk, table or windowsill where your furry friend spent it's days.

Available in multiple colors.  Cremains appear as grey grains on the surface of the cat; they are encased under a layer of clear glass and will not rub off.  We use a very small amount of ash (1/4") a teaspoon and send a free collection kit.

Delivery is within 2-4 weeks of sending the collection kit in.  The optional lit stand (see below) is not included in price, can be purchased separately under lightstands.  Please note that if you order other items in the store you will need to ship a separate collection kit.

This cat is made by Foster.  If you're purchasing ash infused product from other artists you may need to send out an additional collection kit to them.

Please note orders placed after 5.20 will be delivered after 6.20 due to scheduled workshop maintenance.  Your kit will still be received and stored in a secure location until the maintenance is completed.


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