Celestial Feathers Angel Opal Ring

By Autumn


With this stunning Celestial Feathers Rhodium Plated .925 Sterling Silver ring, feel the protective embrace of your loved one. With a cabochon made of synthetic opal and infused with the cremains of your dearly departed, this ring is a beautiful way to keep them close to your heart. Please remember to mention your desired colors in the order notes section. Below are some color combination examples.

Color chart


Your loved ones cremains are mixed in with a special resin to safely and permanently seal them into the ring.


  • We ask for approximately 1/4 teaspoon of cremains.
  • This ring measures 22mm high by 20mm wide, with a 2mm band.
  • This piece is not eligible for inscription.
  • Ships within 4-6 weeks of collection kit's return.
  • Please find details on caring for your piece by clicking this link.





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