Illuminated Memorial Glass Flame Paperweight

By Robert

This lovely illuminated memorial flame has cremation ash infused in the glass in a spiral colored design through the middle of the flame memorial. 

This memorial flame is made by Robert who incorporates the cremains into still molten 2000 degree colored glass core.  The colored core is then twisted and coated with an additional clear coat of molten glass, then formed into a flame shape.  The flame is cooled over 48 hours and then flame polished before being carefully packed and shipped.

A very artful use of ashes the 4.5" flame is 4.5" by 2.5" wide by 1" deep (approximately) and weights about 8 ounces. The 7" flame 3.5" wide and 1" deep     Uses 1/4th a teaspoon of cremains. 

-- The color of the flames pictured is Green and Blue. The other colors are coming from the 4" light stand in the image.  The light stand is included with this listing.  Not all colors are shown illuminated in this listing To see colors without the lightstand click this link  --

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