Golden Sparkle Tree of Life with Swarovski Crystals and Cremains Infused Orb

By Rachel

This beautiful golden tree has been adorned with Swarovski Crystal Beads and Butterflies.  A beautiful memorial, it is a heirloom for the generations.     Standing 8" tall and 6" wide; with the tree of life being 5" tall and 6" wide, it is large enough to be seen across the room but small enough to fit on desks, mantles and special memorial nooks.  This artwork is a collaboration between Christie (tree) and Rachel (Orb.)  

The tree and orb will ship separately, with the orb shipping within 4 weeks of kit returned to Rachel and the Tree of Life within 6-8 weeks.  Different colored leaves and colors on orb are available upon request.  The orb is around 3" in diameter and uses about half a teaspoon of cremains

 This item is made by Rachel/Christie and usually ships within 4 weeks once kit is returned.  An inscription of 8-12 characters on the bottom can be added free of charge.


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