Gold Plated Oval Ring with Cremation Ashes and Crushed Opal

By Spirit Pieces Jewelry

Stunning 14K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Oval Ring has been filled with crushed opal and cremation ash of your dearly departed loved one.  This glittering ring is a wonderful way to keep your loved ones close to the heart. The cremains can be added at location with the ring ready to wear in under 15 minutes.

  • Bezel is 5mm x 7mm wide.
  • Uses 1/8th a teaspoon of cremains from pets or people.
  • Max width is 7mm, tapers to 1.5mm
  • Ring imported from India
  • .925 Sterling Silver


We recommend removing your jewelry before doing dishes, showering or swimming. Avoid wearing jewelry in chlorinated water, salt water, or around harsh chemicals as it can discolor and damage jewelry as well as loosen stones and discolor resins.

Put jewelry on after using cosmetics, hair spray or perfumes to avoid contact with substances and chemicals that may cause damage to resins


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