Flame Drop

By Robert

This beautifully sculpted flame drop has an inner drop full of color and cremains from dearly departed pets or people. The curved surfaces pick up the colors and features of the surrounding environment to add color and texture.  Great for sunny spots inside and outside.  Solid glass and handmade by Robert.

Available in 7" size (~7" x 3" x 1") and 4.5" (~4.5" x 2.5" x .75") , the flame uses 1/4th a teaspoon of cremains and ships within 4 weeks of the free collection kit's return to Robert.

Once you order we'll send you a customized collection kit for the ashes once that is sent in we'll return the flame within 4 weeks.  

If you want engraving for up to 30 characters we do offer a separate glass base with engraving for the flames at extra cost.  You can view/add to cart by viewing this link.  

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