Hanging Glass Cremation Urn with Infused Ashes in Glass - Christmas Memorial Ornament

Confetti solid glass orbs have a wide array of color embedded in the glass matrix along with a small amount of cremation ash from your dearly departed loved one.  The ash is mixed into the glass orb at time of formation and appears as small streaks and bubbles.  About 3" in diameter.  Has Christmas colors of red, green and white; exact color mix will differ from orb to orb. 

Each artisan glass orb is hand-made specifically for the requesting family by USA based glass blowers.    

Upon request a small amount of cremains can be mixed into the glass at no additional cost.  Great for hanging off of Memory Trees, placed off a Shepard's Hook in Memorial Gardens or in a window as a sun-catcher above a bay window garden.  Available in double hook or single hook configuration as well as free-standing paperweight with a flat bottom (no hooks.)  If you're considering our paperweight, check out our bases and stands.  This is a great companion piece to an existing cremation urn.

Available in 3" orbs (baseball size, ~1.5lbs)  and 4" sized paperweights (~3lbs)  We will contact you after you order to get your choices of number of hooks for each orb ordered. If you have any questions about color or the process, please contact us at hello@spiritpieces.com

Upon placing an order, we'll send you a collection kit free of charge. This is then sent in with the cremains and the glass artist hand-makes your memorial glass orb.  Any remaining cremains is sent back. Delivery is 2-4 weeks after the kit is sent in.

This is a lovely way to remember the life of a loved one or loved pet.  Only 1/2 a teaspoon of cremains is used to make this memorable glass art with cremains so it's a great way for others beyond the person holding onto the cremation urn to keep their loved ones close to hear.

These are made by Aaron.  If you are ordering from other artists in addition to Aaron we will be sending you an additional collection kit.

Aaron will be on a short break the month of July.  Any kits sent in will be held until he returns.

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