Blue Veiled Glass Memorial Orb Paperweight with Ash

This lovely solid handmade glass cremation orb paperweights contain a small amount of ash from your dearly departed loved one. The ash is mixed into the orb at time at formation and appears as a small halo of cremation ash in glass.  About 3" in diameter.

This is the perfect addition to any window ledge, desk or mantle; alternatively get one of our light stands to make this a memorial light and/or nightlight.   This particular picture is shown with the ash halo.  This lovely glass memorial, with ashes blown directly into the glass, is a great companion piece to an existing cremation urn.  

These lovely memorial glass paperweights with ash from cremation infused into the glass make for wonderful memorial keepsakes of your loved one.  We can use ash from people and pets in the process; only a teaspoon of ash is used per paperweight.  We'll send you a collection kit for the cremation ash shortly after your order; this will contain any stands or other embellishments you order.  Once you send in your kit, we'll have the paperweights sent back to you within 2-4 weeks.

These glass memorial keepsake paperweight ornaments and eggs are great substitutes for keepsake urns or garden urns and great companion pieces to garden memorial stones.  These are suitable for outside use and can be placed on a flat rock or along the edge of an outdoor planter, especially one with flowers.  

Alternatively, these make for great indoor home decor accents.  Place on a sunny window or counter and have them sparkle in the sun.  Makes for great mantle pieces.  Get one of our lit stands and you'll have a great memorial light or a creative memorial night light to keep the spirit of your loved ones close.

These can be purchased as sympathy gifts/bereavement gifts on in memory of the loved on.  The ashes in glass makes for a long term sentimental gift.  The memory glass can be engraved by your local awards shop.

We sell various memorial stands and displays, however with a bit of creative shopping you can find many stands and other potential display items at various local stores.

Please note these are handmade and that due to the nature of working with 1800 degrees and cremains there will be occasional bubbling around the ash.  This happens in the minority of the orbs and is a function of how the cremains interacts with the glass.

Please note Chris will be on a show tour the month of August and the first 2 weeks of September.  Any kits received during this time will be kept in a safe place while he is gone and the memorials made upon his return.


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