Blue and Purple Glass Hummingbird with Infused Ash

By Charles

This amazing 3.5" hummingbird has been infused with cremation ashes from your loved ones.  Suitable for the ashes of both people and pets 1/4th a teaspoon is mixed into the body along with spiral blue and purple highlights.  Comes with a glass hook on top making them easy to hang, weighs just over 2 ounces.   

She flits from flower to flower
in her hurried pace,
As clouds spill their shower
on this tiny bird's face.

In a silent flapping of invisible wings
This tiny creature collects nectar,
Avoiding raindrops by zig zaggings
She flies both near and far.

As all you see is a blur, as she flies
From flower to flower, this bird of paradise.

- Rick Fernandez, Sr

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