Becoming a Reseller

Thank you so much for visiting us at Beyond The Urn, the white label site of Spirit Pieces.  The following is a guide of how to work with Beyond The Urn.  Please call us at 512-487-7250 with any questions.


Beyond the Urn is the wholesale site for Spirit Pieces.  We’re a collective of 30+ artists nationwide (with a couple of in Canada) focused on providing handmade artesian art.  Because we’re not a single studio, we’re able to offer a much wider range of handmade products than single studio sites.


Joining Beyond the Urn is simple.  Just let us know you want to join!  We’ll send you a discount code allowing you to get 40% off the retail pricing on the site (this is your margin.)  Your discount code will be tied to a specific email so be sure we use an email tied to the business.  You can self register here.

Once you sign up, we’ll send you a stack of postcards with Beyond the Urn branding to distribute to clients.  We do not have a printed catalog. The expectation is the customer will look at the products on a website (either in your office or at home) and communicate with you what they wish to order. 

We also ask you send us your reseller’s license (sales tax) so we don’t have to charge you sales tax.  You can email a copy to  You are responsible for collection sales tax.

By asking for and receiving an account, you agree to the terms and conditions on the website as well as the return policy. 

The Process

Ordering is a relatively simple process.  We provide post cards meant for distribution to your clients.  The expectation is a client will view the website (either at your location or at home) and select what they want, then communicate to you, the professional, by email or verbal, what they wish to purchase.  You would then purchase items on their behalf utilizing your discount code.

Once items are ordered we’ll be sending you collection kit(s) for the cremains.  Please be aware that since we work with multiple artists you may need to mail out multiple kits.  We ask you do this priority express so you need to capture this in your invoicing.  If you work with 6 artists and have to send out 6 kits, that’s ~$150 in express priority shipping if you elect to follow the USPS rules on mailing cremains.  You of course want to make sure you capture this information in your invoicing to the customer.

Once we receive the kits, our normal turnaround time is 4-6 weeks for cremains infused products (shorter for non-infused.)  On occasion our artists will go on break and this time will be longer.  We’ll communicate with you best we can when this happens.

Our memorials are mailed back to you USPS priority with signature expect for Jewelry, which is mailed USPS first class with signature.

We generally ask for payment to be paid on the site; alternate payment methodologies are on a case by case basis; however, payment must happen prior to us working on any piece.

In the case of breakage or a wrong item being produced, we’ll communicate with you if a refund or a replacement is preferred.  Keep in mind these are handmade so there will be differences in appearance, color tone and the presence of bubbles from piece to piece.  Each item is thematically the same as the listing image, but as glass is 2000 degrees we can not replicate items on the site with precise fidelity.  For this reason, aesthetic issues are not eligible for refunds.  Please review our return policy for more information on this matter.

How to Sell

Our memorial art is meant to celebrate the life of loved ones through art.  A focus on the art aspect of the work increases the perceived value.  In many cases, we’re able to customize the colors used (Glimmers, Ropes, Tranquil Swirls and a few others) to further connect the piece to the person.  I.E.  They may have been a Harley fan so we do a Glimmer orb in Black and Orange.

We suggest focusing on the ‘bringing the cremains into the light’ aspect of this type of work.  Where an Urn may sit neglected in a back room or never be seen again if placed in a nitche, our work is meant to be placed in the sun. 

We also suggest mentioning that only a small amount of cremains is used and it is protected within the glass.  This line of conversation is useful in making the client understand they can buy multiples for the family with only a small amount of cremains.  We suggest giving some internal discounts based on purchase size to facilitate larger purchases.

Operationally, the ideal situation is to have bookmarked on a computer or tablet so you can easily show your clients the offerings in-house.


We hope you stay with us for many years but all good things must come to an end.  When this time comes please let us know you wish to end the relationship.  We’ll suspend your discount code at that time.  All orders will be processed as normal for up to 6 months after suspension of the relationship (we know these things sometimes takes months to play out.)

After 6 months we may contact you about refunding any outstanding order to keep everything tidy.  You of course can ask for a refund on any existing orders where the kit has yet to be sent in.


Thank you again for working with Beyond The Urn (of Spirit Pieces, LLC.)  We look forward to a long and profitable relationship!

Warmest regards,

Dave Blake