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For Home Decor

Hang these keepsake ornaments in a sunny window at home, at family events like weddings, or outside as memorial garden art.    We can incorporate a small amount of your loved one's cremains (cremation ashes) into the glass matrix.   These make for great companion pieces to larger glass cremation urns.

These orbs look amazing as hanging memorial tree ornaments, from porch awning, or inside your house in a sunny window.  Double hook orbs are great for hanging name tags, pendants or other memorabilia.   Also available as free-standing paperweights with a flat bottom (no hooks.)  Engravable by your local trophy/awards store.

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For Home Memorials

Our Spirit Pieces make lovely home decor pieces in their own right even without the cremains mixed in the glass.  Once you add ash into the glass from a loved one you have an incredibly sentimental way to remember your loved one in glass.  Hang from an ornament stand as a table center piece or hang from the mantle.  Our Spirit Piece Glass Ornaments look especially great when added to a bay window garden, creating an indoor memorial garden.  As these are solid glass, they will refract light throughout a room from a sunny window.


We got our orb yesterday and it’s soooo lovely!! Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful way to remember our mother Mary!”
— C.L. Texas

As Unique Wedding Memorials

Sadly, not everyone we want to be at our wedding can be there in person, but they are always at the wedding in Spirit.   For those loved ones who have departed, consider a Spirit Piece Memorial Wedding Ornament with optional Cremains for your Wedding Memorial section.  These solid glass ornaments are great additions in reception windows and especially hanging off a garden wedding gazebo.  The optional cremains in these handblown glass ornaments help physically symbolize your loved ones who can't make the wedding.  A secondary hook is available if you would like to hang a picture pendant off of them.  Multiple colors available.  We place the ashes (if selected) into glass so there's no worry of leaching or loss.