1. What is Beyond The Urn?

    Beyond the Urn is an online memorial arts gallery showcasing wonderfully beautiful memorial from some of this country's leading artists. We specialize in glass and crystal resin paperweights and jewelry but also have a selection of ceramic urns.  We work with your local funeral home, crematorium, or veterinarian.

  2. Who is Beyond the Urn for?

    Beyond the Urn is for anyone who wishes to memorialize their loved one with art.

  3. Are these for Pets or People?

    Any of our work is compatible with cremains from either pets or people. 

  4. Are these handmade?

    Yes, every item (other than the silver keepsakes) are handmade and unique in form. Our artists treat each memorial as a work of art in its own right and maximize the beauty inherent with working with glass. As such the patterns of colors you see on the website will differ than what you receive. All our glasswork with infused ashes is made in the USA with the exception of a small selection of pendants from Jonathan in Canada.

  5. How do we know you used our loved ones ashes or hair?

    We customize each kit with double labeling on the collection vials and carefully process each order to ensure you receive the memorial with your loved ones ashes. We have workflows that keep each order separate so you can be sure you're getting your loved one back.

  6. How much cremains do I need?

    With just a few exceptions (larger flowers and gazing balls) we only need 1/2 a teaspoon or less per memorial.  The listings should have more information on the exact amount needed.

  7. How Do I Order?

    Generally your first step would be to communicate what memorials you would like with your industry professional.  Once the order is placed we'll work with your professional to get the cremains where they need to be.  Generally our turnaround is 6-8 weeks.

  8. I Need Them by a Specific Date - Help!

    Let us know about your deadline in the order notes. Keep in mind there is about 7 business days of shipping; we can't go any faster than that. Even with rush orders we won't guarantee anything less than 4 weeks out.

  9. How safe are these to ship?

    Our paperweights and jewelry are surprisingly robust and very rarely have breakage in shipping.  We have under 1 in a 1000 with breakage issues.  If it does happen, you just need to send your provider photographic evidence of the breakage and we'll either redo or refund the purchase.

  10. How does shipping work?

    If you are purchasing a memorial with cremains, we ask they're shipped via USPS Priority Express with signature as per United States Postal Rule 451.22.   Hair can be shipped first class with signature.  We'll return your memorial priority mail with signature; first class with signature if jewelry.

  11. The cremains are in one place but we want the memorials shipped to a second location - is that possible?

    Absolutely, just mention all this to your industry professional. You also should put the final destination address as the shipping address. Please note we do charge a $10/extra address fee invoiced via email.

  12. Can you combine ashes?

    Yes, We've had people combine cremains from both pets and people into a single piece.  You would just combine on your side.

  13. Can we extract/remove the cremains?

    No, once the cremains is mixed into the memorial, it is effectively part of the glass matrix. Even if the memorial were to break, be run over, ground up, etc it would still be very difficult to extract the cremains.

  14. What is the turn-around time?

    Our targeted turn-around time is generally under 6-8 weeks, however if you order around the holiday season it will be at the high end of that range.  Christmas deadlines are November 1st unless otherwise noted on the listing.

  15. Can we ship to multiple locations?

    By default we price for shipping to a single location. If you want to ship to multiple destinations you can do so for an additional charge of $10 per location.

  16. Do you do international orders?

    We can ship the work outbound internationally but please be aware international shipping prices start at $20 and go up from there. Please contact your industry professional to discuss shipping options if this interests you. Shipping of jewelry and figurines tends to be $15 to $20 internationally.

  17. If the worse happens and the memorial breaks once we get it what happens?

    For glass art we offer a 30 day money-back warranty and/or replacement of the memorial with photographic evidence of breakage along with 50% coverage of the shipment. For resin our warranty varies between 7 and 30 days.

  18. I don't like how mine looks due to bubbles or color patterns, can I get my money back?

    Unfortunately we don't offer refunds for artistic elements you may not like. These are handmade and there's always a degree of variability in how these come out. We offer a discounted redo pricing if you would like to try again.

  19. Do we get any of the cremains back?

    We will likely use the provided cremains sent if the guidelines of how much to add are followed. Small amounts of excess cremains will be scattered locally unless otherwise noted. If, however, a large amount of cremains remains an additional $25 surcharge may be added to the order to cover shipping back of the excess via USPS Express Mail. We will generally return hair with the memorial if applicable.

  20. Will my Memorial look like exactly what's on the website?

    It will look similar but not the same. As these are handmade items, there will be differences in how each piece will look compared to others, even in the same order.

  21. What are your terms of service and privacy policy?

    You can read our Terms of Service here and Privacy Policy here.